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Here you can find all of the deviations that I faved. Be sure to check out the artists who made them :)
The Nuzlocke is titled, Pokemon Legends of Hoenn, and will detail the trainer Amethysts journey throughout the Hoenn Region. 
I think Legends of Hoenn fits in some ways, due to the beginning when you meet Steven Stone, and many other moments when you're finding more out on Mt. Pyre, and later on about Rayquazza, then there's the other legends due to the rings Hoopa probably left about xD

Amethyst will have two friendly rivals, obviously Brendan and Wally, but their names are Ethan, who will either not be a son of Birch, but instead be a son of Sinnoh Professor Rowan. And Wallys name will be Terry. Idk why, I just want it like that lol. 
Amethyst will be starting out with Mudkip, and nicknaming if it's a male - Azure and if it's a female - Azula lmao
I plan on doing a comic for these, as well as ones for my Pokemon Y Nuzlocke I did awhile back. I got inspired again by ky-nim and pettyartist I love their nuzlockes and art styles <3 
So I'm hoping this'll help me with story making and other things.

Rivals are named Brett and Terry x)
I have found my starter pokemon, which on the first try was a Female Mudkip, and I nicknamed her Opal. Plans change lmao
I'm trying to figure things out with Photoshop CS5 so I can do some drawing and whatnot, but I'm so used to SAI that it's tough xD

Made it to the first gym! Lost my first pokemon as well. Jamie the Seedot xc
My team at the time was Mudkip, Wingull, Seedot, Shroomish, Tailow, and Dustox T^T
I won the gym battle using only Mudkip and Shroomish~
Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp~
So my team now is Marshtomp, Wingull, Shroomish, Tailow, Dustox and Nincada
Nicknames are ----Opal, Angus, Anetta, Taylor, Joey and Nina
I currently ship Joey and Nina xD and Opal and Taylor but that'll change probably~
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