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Anyone with a Wii U? 
Send me a note with your Friend Code and I'll add you c: 
I'll respond with my Friend Code as well. I need some more friends T^T
  • Mood: Joy


Anyone with a Wii U? 
Send me a note with your Friend Code and I'll add you c: 
I'll respond with my Friend Code as well. I need some more friends T^T
  • Mood: Joy
I'm just doing this as a sort of, check list. Most of the pokemon, I can get through breeding, or evolving some of the pokemon I do have with me. 

Mudkip, Linoone, Nuzleaf, Pelipper, Kadabra, Shedinja, Loudred, Azurill, Geodude, Graveler, Nosepass, Golbat, Lairon, Machoke, Minun, Electrode, Oddish, Budew, Slugma, Spoink, Vibrava, Cacnea, Solrock, Whiscash, Corphish, Igglybuff, Wigglytuff, Staryu, Vulpix, Ninetales, Pichu, Psyduck, Wynaut, Wobbuffet, Girafarig, Phanpy, Donphan, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Rhyperior, Horsea, Kingdra, Shelgon, Metang, Rayquaza

Now, I can probably catch a lot of these through Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 using the Dream Catcher thing, I'll be breeding a lot of these pokemons evos to get the ones I need, and I have another 3DS so I can get the other ones I need from Omega Ruby~
  • Mood: Joy
Haikyuu OC Suzaku Takauji by EternalTakai
Haikyuu OC Suzaku Takauji
First Year Suzaku Takauji cx 
Idk if he'll have a nickname, since he's mostly based off of my OC Crim, I'll probably have his nickname be Crimson "something" idek 
Hope you like. I'm hooked on this anime haha

Also, realized just now that his neck is to long -sad face- 
Ok, I'm in need of some anime, new-ish or old or w/e to watch lmao

I'm just going to say now, I'm currently watching Log Horizon 2, Akame ga Kill, World Trigger, and a few other fairly new anime. 
But, I'm debating on watching some of the sports anime that I see on Tumblr all the time, like Haikyuu, at least I think that's what it's called ;3; 

Anyway, leave me some anime that you think I should watch. Just gonna say now, that I do not watch anything like Hentai, Romantic, anything with gore, unless it's Tokyo Ghoul, I'm more into action / adventure anime lmao. 

And I'm looking at you Papertobi ! You have a decent list of anime I suppose :P

Edit: I decided to check out Haikyuu to see what the hype is xD 

So, the opening for Haikyuu kinda has be interested lmao. I'm going to check it out in the morning, probably at my aunts house while everyones talking about family stuff lmao xD I'll be there all day tomorrow, hopefully before we leave I can take a shower. I really need one ;3; 
But, by the opening, I can say so far, that I'll probably like the kid with the orange/red hair and the weird looking one with black hair near the beginning of the intro? Idk what their names are yet ;3; don't hate me anime friends :c

I watched the first 2 episodes at first, and went to lay down in my bed, however, I ended up getting attached to this anime lmao 
I watched 6 episodes after that, and I realize now, that their names are Hinata and Kageyama, I now don't really have a favorite character, I like the team cx However those two would be my favs if I had to chose P:
  • Mood: Joy
Martial Arts Pose Practice 2 - Crim by EternalTakai
Martial Arts Pose Practice 2 - Crim
I did another pose practice, with Crim again. 
I'm trying to use ink pens, colored, to do my basic sketches. In this, I used green for the pose, orange for the clothing, and black for the outlining and some of the black colored parts. Hope you like, i'm still practicing ;3;

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