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Here you can find all of the deviations that I faved. Be sure to check out the artists who made them :)
I have begun a Pokemon Y Nuzlocke. It is my first, legit nuzlocke that I am doing, and I am super nervous about doing it all and posting it up TnT but, I'm going to keep with it. Right now, I'm just playing through and jotting down notes for when I make it into a comic. For now, I'll probably post a doodle here and there of what i'm doing for the Nuzlocke. 

Trainer Name - Tyler
Starter - Froakie 
N-N - Shinobu

My current team is Froakie, Fletchling, Riolu, Pansear, and Litleo. The Riolu I got, I used the Wonder Trade option, the rule I set up, is that if I hadn't caught the one I had first encountered, I give myself 2 more tries, and if I get duplicates of a pokemon I caught, then I wonder trade a pokemon. I ended up wonder trading my Weedle and got a Japanese Riolu, but since I couldn't nickname it, I caught myself one and nicknamed him. I don't remember his name though Dx

Here's a little update on my team. Would like to say, I beat Violla, no pokemon deaths as of now. Almost got unlucky and a few have almost died. Luckily, I was able to switch out. 

Frogadier - Shinobu, Fletchinder - Leanna, Ryker - Riolu, Richard - Pansear, Tessa - Flabebe, Florel - Bulbasaur
For the Bulbasaur, I couldn't think of a name at that time, and wanted to name him something like Floral. 
Right now, I am on the way to encountering the sleeping Snorlax for the first time. Gotta get dat flute

New team, as of 4th Gym Badge, is: 
Greninja - Shinobu, Talonflame - Leanna, Pansear - Richard, Florges - Tessa, Honedge - Mordread, and Lapras - Louise

I still have not had a single death. I guess I'm doing good so far! *knocks on wood* Lmfao 

As I forgot to update this, Pearl, my Tyrunt, died, so I jinxed that lmao. 
My final team, since I had yet to update this, was
Greninja - Shinobu, Honchkrow - Matilda, Simisear - Richard, Florges - Tessa, Lapras - Louise and Melancholy - Goodra

I started a new game after I finished it, not before sending some of the stuff over to my X version. My team now on the new Y start, is Nobunaga - Frogadier, Olivia - Pidgeotto, Antoinne - Ledian, Mannie - Skitty, Darrius - Ralts, and Rion - Pansage 
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